Dr Bruce Morris, Chief Technical Officer/
Vice President Subsurface
Dr Morris joined the Group in July 2011. As both a field- and office-based geologist, geophysicist and exploration manager, he has amassed more than 25 years of professional exploration experience across the globe, including in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, Thailand, India and Cuba as well as research in the Antarctic. Within the Group, he utilises his wide-ranging technical expertise and network of contacts to monitor exploration and production operations, generate prospects and evaluate new opportunities. He earned his PhD in geology and geochemistry from the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, where he later lectured in geology. He served at New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd, Indo-Pacific Energy Ltd (now known as Austral Pacific Energy Ltd) and Pacific Tiger Energy as a geologist and geophysicist before setting up his own business as an oil exploration consultant. He has been a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) for 35 years and is a member of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (Seapex).